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Eclipse’s Assistant Director, Emmy Lahouel is looking for members of the local community from each of the towns and cities on the tour to form a community chorus and play an important part in the final production. She will be doing a rehearsal for Newcastle participants on Monday 8th April 6:30pm at the Live Theatre.

The link to the participation form is HERE

There will be two opportunities for community members to join our cast on stage:

1) The beauty pageant: as a celebration of black beauty in all its forms, we want to welcome black women (and those who identify as women (womxn) to walk the beauty pageant promenade as part of the show. Show up in clothes that make you feel beautiful!

2) The boycott: we will be looking for a number of people to take part as protesters at various points throughout the show, this opportunity is open to members outside of the black community also.

These are simple walk on parts that do not require extensive preparation, professional experience, singing or remembering lines! Just one rehearsal the night before the opening show to prepare the community members for being onstage.

In advance of this, the Eclipse team will contact all participants signed-up with an introduction, more information and to answer any questions.

If you have any further questions, please CONTACT US HERE

Newcastle Community Chorus Dates

Mon 8th April 6:30pm Rehearsal

Tues 9th April 6:55pm

Weds 10th April 6:55pm

Thurs 11th April 6:55pm

Fri 12th April 6:55pm

Sat 13th April 1:55pm

Sat 13th April 6:55pm

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