The expression "bloom where you're planted" means taking advantage of the opportunities you have and be grateful for your present situation. Oftentimes, if you're unhappy with where you're in life, you may struggle with this notion. Being planted implies that something outside of itself had a purpose for putting that plant in that place. You know, where you are now is where God has planted you, there may have been all kinds of circumstances, good or bad, which has brought you to the spot where you are now.

Most people ask me this question "Can i bloom where i'm planted?" and the answer is YES, you can.

Here are a few tips on how to bloom where you are planted.

Direct Your Thoughts

While we're never in complete control of our feelings and emotions, there are things we can do to direct our thoughts. While you cannot always change your circumstances, you can work on adjusting your own perspective.

Cultivate the habit of controlling how you choose to see and perceive what's occurring around you. For example, if you're unhappy with your current company, you do not have to see your situation as wholly negative, pause and think of other ways to view the situation. You could see your disdain for your current job as motivation to get your career on track, or view your position as a stepping stone towards your dream job.

Change Is Constant

There is one sure thing in life and it's called CHANGE. No matter where you're planted, situations and circumstances will change with time. If you want to learn to bloom in your current season, it's important you learn to embrace change. Stop being too rigid in your habits and be open to new experiences. Please note, change is necessary to progress. If things always stayed the same, there would be no personal growth or forward motion. If something has changed recently, adapt instead of feeling upset or uneasy about the changes. Lookout for opportunities and ways you can change your current situation. If you're in a situation that's not ideal, there are likely ways to change it or develop yourself for the better.

Focus on Your Focus

Always make conscious efforts to focus on what you have. For example, maybe you don't love your job, but do you have coworkers you like? Are you learning skills you can use later on? Are there other things about your life, such as relationships, that make you happy? Focus your energy here. ALWAYS seek to improve your capacity and don't let your focus be blurred by people who try to knock you down. Believe me or not, people will want to tarnish your image, drag your name in the mud & bruise your ego but remember to Focus.On.Your.Focus.

Would you even today pause long enough to just thank God for where you are planted? I know, it could be a tough place, but the Bible says to be thankful in all circumstances; so by faith just thank God for where he has planted you and then ask him to help you bloom in that place.

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