The MIND Conference

The Mind Conference Newcastle still remains an experience that lingers in our hearts. Far too often women prioritise their jobs, families, and activities ahead of our own well-being; however, if we don’t first invest in ourselves by renewing our minds, we cannot be of true value to anyone else.

MIND (Motivate Inspire Nurture Dominate) is purposed to support and encourage every woman to make herself a priority. We provide resources and information to guide her towards maintaining balance through faith, health, wellness and mindfulness in every aspect of her life. The major objective of MIND is to create an atmosphere where every woman can step away from the everyday grind to enjoy an uplifting, encouraging and positive experience to REFLECT, REFOCUS and RENEW herself towards becoming a better woman, first for herself, and then her family and her community. Here is a snapshot of the wonderful time we had at the MIND Conference and also stay tuned for more...

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