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As women, we go through a lot. We have careers, we are parents, we want to achieve and we want to be heard however, our narratives are different, our journeys are different, we are all unique with unique experiences and we want to celebrate this.


In a world where some women see each other as competitors, we want to create a space where women can come together, share and grow together, be themselves and showcase the beauty within so we are giving you the opportunity to join us for a retreat to get away from your daily grind, recharge, rejuvenate and connect with other women.


To laugh, to share, to learn and to grow so why not join us from 19th- 20th October at Crown Plaza Hotel, Newcastle. 

We shall be discussing topics like:

1. Women in Marketplace - Creating a successful brand/ Building a successful career/ How to flourish in chosen field -


2. Work/Life balance - Juggling relationships and your career 


3. Coming back to work after a career break/maternity leave 


4. Losing your identity 


5. Body image 


6. Our roles as parents in building self confidence 


7. Breaking down cultural and societal barriers 


The full cost for the day away is £120 including accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner therefore, if you will like to be our guest for an amazing day away, please register your interest by using the link below and paying a deposit of £30 to reserve your space with the balance of £90 being payable on 31st August 2019. 


Spaces are limited to 20 and once they are gone, they are gone. 

We hope to see you all there.